Our Team



Principal and founder of Office Interiors, Ron vividly remembers putting frozen peas on sore hands after a 14-hour day taking panels (one by one) from the 10th floor out to a semi-truck on the street. 

Today, his unwavering dedication to our clients and our team is still apparent. He enjoys the diversity of their work and the new challenges each project brings. He loves the chance to sharpen his skills on those challenges even more. 

His favorite part of the job, however, is the very real way he gets to help clients become a better business.



Laura is a principal. In simpler terms, a reigning “coordinator of the chaos.” She’s been with us for nine years, hired initially as a receptionist and Office Interiors’ first employee. As the business grew, she took on more and more responsibility. Her passion for improving work through workspaces led to a project management position. From there, she gained more industry knowledge and the desire to work in sales—eventually leading to her partnership.

When she first joined Office Interiors, she was excited about trying something new in a creative industry. It turned into a company she is passionate about with a team she couldn’t imagine leaving.


Sales Manager

Ralph’s been with Office Interiors for so long, we have trouble remembering when he started. He thinks it’s about 20 years ago. With 38 years of sales and management experience, it should come as no surprise that he’s the perfect sales manager. When he isn’t helping our clients reach their goals through superior design, he’s also a regular guest speaker at local universities.

It is also important to note that Ralph is the only person in the office to have ever worn fishnets to an industry event.


Interior Designer

An interior designer by trade, Kristen is our office visionary and perhaps biggest lover of furniture (though it’s a close call around here). A big part of her passion comes from previous experience designing and building her own pieces. Her insider expertise means she truly understands how the right pieces can make people excited to come to work.

Each project brings a different challenge to the table, but for her, there is no bigger rush than walking through a newly-completed space. Seeing people working in the stations and offices that she designed is a dream come true.



Mike’s an installer. Your go-to guy for putting together all the furniture that completes your space. He’s been with us for 2 years, just long enough to proclaim himself “Ron Jr.” 

His favorite part of the job is the variety. Every day he’s somewhere else, putting together the final touches and seeing clients light up when he and Steven finish installing a project.